Shipping & Returns


We ship all domestic orders via UPS Ground or by freight depending on size and weight of the order.  You will be provided with tracking info as soon as it ships.  For international shipping quotes, please contact us.

Estimated Delivery Times

  • Panels:  4-6 weeks
  • Turning Blanks:  1-2 weeks
  • Knife Scales:  1-2 weeks
  • Cutting Boards:  1-2 weeks
  • Veneer Sheets: 1-2 weeks
  • Clearance Items:  1-2 weeks


Return Policy

We stand behind the quality of our products and will fully replace or provide a refund for all defects brought to our attention within 30 days of receiving your order.  Defects include but are not limited to delamination, wrong size, or incorrect color pattern.  To begin the return or exchange process, please contact us during normal business hours.

Our manufacturing process aims to maintain the highest rate of consistency.  However, wood is an organic material with characteristics that vary from one piece to the next, so here's a list of things that would not be considered defects.

  • Color. Each sheet of veneer absorbs dye a little differently than the next.  Although most sheets are identical, there are always some that can appear slightly faded, or a shade darker or lighter.  This is normal and should be expected.  Panels with fully undyed layers, drastic color changes, or incorrect patterns (although extremely rare) would be considered defective.
  • Flatness. As with natural wood, anything 1" thick or under may have a slight warp, twist, or bow.  If you require perfectly flat panels, we suggest using at least 1.25" thick panels.
  • Thickness. Unless requested, panels are not sanded before shipping.  Supplied thickness will always be a minimum of what you ordered, but if it's up to 1/4" thick that would not be considered defective.

      CLEARANCE ITEMS (any item sold from our "clearance" page) ARE FINAL SALE, NO RETURNS, REFUNDS, OR EXCHANGES