Cancelation & Refund Policy

CWP wants you to be 100% satisfied with your order.  If for any reason you think a mistake has been made, please contact us and we'll help make it right.


Stock Items

Changes or cancellations of stock items before shipping are subject to a 25% restocking fee.  After shipping, stock items can be returned to CWP for a refund, minus a 25% restocking fee.  Customer pays return postage.  Refunds will be issued within 3-5 days of receiving the items at CWP.


Made-to-Order Items (Panels)

Production of made-to-order items (panels) begins immediately after your order has been placed.  We do not stock these items; they are custom made per order.  Any changes or cancellations of made-to-order items either before or after shipping are subject to a 50% restocking fee.  Return postage to be paid by the customer.


It's Wood

CWP's manufacturing process maintains the highest rate of consistency.  However, as we all know, wood is an organic material with varying characteristics from one piece to the next.  Here's a list of a few things to expect and should not be considered as defects in either SpectraPly or DymaLux material.

  • Color.  Our dye process never changes, and CWP is known for having consistent colors with full penetration throughout.  We use the same dyes and the same species (birch) for each load.  However, once in a while there is a group of veneer that did not accept the dye exactly as the previous batch did.  Usually this is simply a matter of how dense that specific log was.  The denser the wood, the harder to achieve total dye absorption.  Very minor changes between dye lots will occur, and should not be considered defective.  Drastic changes (which are extremely rare) would qualify for full refund or replacement.
  • Warp.  Unlike traditional plywood, SpectraPly & DymaLux panels are produced with the grain running in the same direction.  This is necessary for processing the material, but a downside is that it can cause a slight bow or warp on thin panels.  If you order panels are under 1" thick, please be advised that they may not be perfectly flat.
  • Panel Surface.  The plates in our presses are monitored for flatness and replaced as needed.  Because of the tremendous amount of pressure applied during the DymaLux process, panels can emerge from the press with very small bumps on the surface.  This is rarely an issue, as 99% of our customers will be machining, turning, or sanding the material in some way which will remove these small imperfections.  If for some reason you need an extremely smooth, flat surface, please let us know and we can easily sand it for you for a small processing fee.
  • Thickness.  All panels will have a minimum thickness of what you ordered, and can be up to 0.125" over your required thickness.  If you need a specific thickness, we can provide that for you within 0.020" for a small processing fee.

      Quality issues such as undyed layers, incorrect color patterns, wrong size, or delamination are considered defects and such items will be 100% replaced or refunded.