Frequently Asked Questions

What is DymaLux?

DymaLux is a dyed birch laminate resin-impregnated with phenolic resin. It’s used mostly for knife handles, pistol grips, billiard products, and game calls. Its waterproof and extremely dense making it harder than virtually any natural hardwood on Earth. DymaLux requires no finish coat!

What is Spectraply?

Spectraply is a dyed birch laminate, basically A grade. Layered into a variety of color patterns and bonded together with PVA glue. SpectraPly is used worldwide for many things like pepper mills, bottle stoppers, and etc!

What is the difference between Spectraply and DymaLux?

SpectraPly and DymaLux have different adhesives and different pressures applied in the press. Where DymaLux is pressed with more pressure and bonded with phenolic resin it is denser and harder adding 30% weight by volume. DymaLux has a resistance to water where SpectraPly does not. DymaLux also does not need a finishing coat.

Can I buy single sheets of colored veneer?

Yes you can! It’s $10.00 per sheet and you can find them here. Wholesale pricing available for orders over 200 sheets.

Can I order turning blanks in different sizes than you offer?

Unfortunately, we don't make custom sized turning blanks. If the size you’re looking for is not in stock you can order a full panel and cut it down. SpectraPly panels are your desired thickness x 9” x 40”.

How big is a panel?

DymaLux panels are your desired thickness(up to 2”) x 10” x 40”. SpectraPly panels are your desired thickness(up to 8”) x 9” x 40”. We can make panels under .5” but don’t recommend it because warping may occur.

Can I have a custom color layup made if so is it more expensive?

Yes, we make custom panels. Custom SpectraPly panels are .25c a cubic inch and DymaLux panels are .75c a cubic inch. Standard SpectraPly panels are .24c a cubic inch and standard DymaLux panels are .63c a cubic inch. Pricing is subject to change. All panels have a 4-6 week lead time unless found in the clearance. you can find our DymaLux color options here and our SpectraPly color options here.

Custom panel price calculator: Thickness x 10 x 41 x price(.24 or .63)= Cost + shipping. We do not offer wholesale pricing on custom panels.

Are your turning blanks true to size?

Our turning blanks are usually true to size or 1/16" heavy but never under.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, we offer a military discount. In the cart page under the items you’ve added there is a box that says GovX ID you will need to click on it to verify your ID and you will automatically get a 5% discount added to your cart.

Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, we do! You can find our shipping information here.

It's been over 30 days since I received my order can I still return it?

We do not accept returns over 30 days. You can see our refund policies here.

What finishes do you recommend for SpectraPly?

We use a poly spray, our customers have also used a wipe on lacer or a CA glue.

I am having finishing issues with colors running on my SpectraPly what do you recommend?

Blue, red, and purple are our strongest colors. Whenever they are next to a natural layer, bleeding can occur. Below are a few tips from our customers to prevent color bleeding.

  • Make sure all dust is blown out of the wood grain with compressed air before finishing.

  • Some customers have mentioned that sanding the piece in reverse helps.

  • Sanding down in stages to a very fine grit (1,000).

  • Use a sanding sealer before applying the finish coat.

  • Use an oil-based finish. Water-based products tend to make it worst.

  • Do not wipe with alcohol will pull color out.

What is the moisture content of SpectraPly?

The veneer is 5%, after the panel comes out of post-cure it’s between 8-12% due to the glue.